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Amazon Children

Corporations and individuals are invited to join forces in the Mata no Peito coalition. Those who make donations to Mata no Peito or reduce their carbon footprint through retirement of Nike carbon offsets (Voluntary Emissions Reductions or VERs) will become partners in the groundbreaking initiative.  

The Mata no Peito partnership has the benefit of demonstrating environmantal leadership through participation in a high-profile coalition initiative that will protect and recover forests in Brazil while also communicating emissions reductions via retirement of offsets by Nike on behalf of Mata no Peito and its partners.

By forming a coalition of committed corporations and individuals, Mata no Peito aims to create a paradigm shift and prove the value of standing forests. We all cherish the forests, so take the challenge, become a partner and score a goal for the environment.

How to participate

Directly purchase and retire carbon offsets to benefit Mata no Peito via Hub Culture or on Global Giving.

Click here for information on how to make a donation to the Mata no Peito fund.